Parabolus draws inspiration from the architecture of the historic bridges of Waller Creek. Following the parabolic curve of the bridges constructed in 1930, Parabolus mirrors the architecture of the bridge and in turn the water mirrors light from the glowing bridge. Made of colored and luminous laments, Parabolus draws your gaze to both water and sky, creating an immersive experience that emphasizes Waller Creek’s symbiotic urban and natural connection.


Jose Roberto Corea
Courtney Jones Burton
Gretchen Leigh Du Pré (lead)
Jeff Fletcher

||| L I G H T L I N E S |||

Light Lines is inspired by Austin’s urban network of waterways and storm pipes, and portrays the compounding a ect of storm water on Waller Creek’s watershed. Using electroluminescent wires suspended from a grid, Light Lines forms a structure of changing light and ambient sound, sending a message that the urban watershed is a system where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Light Lines visually bridges the creek while interactive touch points allow viewers to manipulate the light intensity as it moves across the structure and reflects upon the water.


Cameron Campbell (lead)
Bill Baird
Taurin Barrera
Stuart Campbell
Jenny Janis
Viddhi Jhaveri

la noria

La Noria’s strength is drawn from the creek itself, and the system is entirely powered by the water’s movement. The resulting movement however appears greatly removed from the source; the spectacle of La Noria is far from natural, but is rather a mechanized dance, a tangle of spokes and lights and uorescent colors. For the audience, there is tension in the recognition that this highly industrial sculpture is entirely self-sustained, reliant only on the power of the natural environment within which it sits.

Drophouse Design

Christian Klein (lead)
Matt Satter
Christy Taylor

Urban Scrim

Urban Scrim is a contemplative installation inspired by the simple forms and grand scale of West Texas land art. Weaving through the urban fabric of downtown, Waller Creek is often hidden from view. This piece acts as a serene beacon of light serving to attract viewers from the busy bustle of downtown with subtle projections of shadows from local pedestrians and reflections from the creek water. These projections encourage human interaction with Waller Creek by pairing the movement of the urban streetscape with the texture and nature of water owing through the creek.

Lemmo Architecture and Design

Ryan Lemmo, AIA (lead)
Stephanie Lemmo, Assoc. AIA (lead)
Jonathan Butler
Julia Martinelli


Inspired by the tensions surrounding this particular location in Downtown Austin, this art installation manifests that tension into a battle between light and dark in an ever-evolving piece intended to spark dialogue and live on as something meaningful. To achieve this, the piece will be made out of camping tents bound together to create the forms which will then be deconstructed and donated to a local organization that serves those in need.


Chet Morgan (lead), Assoc. AIA
Jenny Adair
Caitlin Admire
Aaron Manns, AIA
Emilie Ogburn
Ellen Saathoff, Assoc. AIA
Paul Ward

Ambedo Beta

Ambedo ßeta is an interactive, immersive art installation. The concept revolves around two phone booths across the bridge from each other, facilitating a conversation between two strangers, where the communication is done through lighting frames throughout the three tunnels in various ways. By turning people’s voices into lights, Ambedo ßeta reminds people that yes, your words do a ect those around you. You will be able to gauge the response your words have as onlookers gaze at the light show those words create.


Daniel Goodwin (lead)
Brianna Graves
Olivia Nguyen
Bruce Wilcoxon


Meredith Bossin, Director of Engagement of Waller Creek Conservancy

Louis Grachos, Executive Director of The Contemporary Austin

Chris Mattsson, Waller Creek Conservancy Board / The Contemporary Austin Board

Davey McEathron, Creek Show 2017 Alumni / Davey McEathron Architecture

Carla Nickerson, Visual Artist, Vocalist, & Actor / Community Engagement Specialist for Austin Convention Center Department

Ingrid Spencer, Artistic Director of Creek Show / Executive Director of AIA Austin

Herlinda Zamora, Executive Director of The Mexican American Cultural Center